The flaming temple of Himachal Pradesh, Jwalaji temple is located at a distance of 34 km south of Kangra Valley. Dedicated to Goddesses Jwalamukhi with flaming mouth, there is a copper pipe in this temple through which natural gas comes out and the priest of the temple lights this. These flames burn continuously without any fuel or assistance and may be seen erupting from a rock-side. This flame is worshiped as a manifestation of the goddess Jwalamukhi.  the temple is believed to have nine permanent flames named after the goddesses- Mahakali, Unpurna, Chandi, Hinglaj, Bindhya Basni, Maha Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ambika and Anji Devi. The temple is considered very powerful, hence count as one of the 51 Shakti-Pitha temples in India. Besides, there are Gorakh Dibbi, Chaturbhuj temple and many small shrines situated in the vicinity of Jwalji temple.

While entering a temple or a place of worship, one should follow the guidelines given below :

1. It is  best to dress conservatively.  Women should cover their heads with a shawl or a piece of cloth.

2. You should leave your shoes outside the temple. There is usually someone who will look after your shoes.

3. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the temple grounds.

4. Persons asking for donations   or a fee to take photographs may approach you. do not blindly accept, that these persons are authorized.

5. Leather items should not be taken into a temple.

6. It is traditional to circle the temple, stupa or deities. This should always be done clockwise.

7. You should bow down to the deities with your left side to the deities, not your right side.

8. While walking in a crowded room you should not walk over people to get somewhere.  This is considered extremely impolite.

9. While sitting in a temple, you should not point your legs towards the deities.

10.When you enter a temple, the temple pandas(Brahmin guides) may accost you and offer you a guided  tour  of the temple or some special  parsad for  a special donation. It is  best  to ignore them, as they can be a hindrance coming between your moments of prayer with God.

HOTEL JWALAJI:About 350m from the shrine and 100m from the bus station, Himachal Tourism runs Hotel Jwalaji at Jwalamukhi. This is an elegant dressed-stone building with lawns and trees. It's modern rooms makes for comfortable and convenient stay.

ADDRESS: Hotel Jwalaji, Jwalamukhi (H.P.) - 176031. 
Tel:  (01970) - 222280, 222801

Other Hotels:

Hotel Beas View                            Phone - 01970-223256

Hotel Yamuna                                Phone - 01970-223761

Hotel Bhagwati                              Phone - 01970-223761

Matri Chaya Yatri Niwas                Phone - 01970-222262

Maa Jawala Ji Aartis
The names of the aartis that are performed by the pujaris are as under :-

1. Mangal Aarti ( Morning 5.00 A.M)
2. Panjupchaar Pujan (After Aarti )
3. Bhog Ki Aarti ( 12.00 A.M)
4. Aarti (Evening 7.00 P.M)
5. Shaiyan Ki Aarti (Evening 10.00 P.M)

How To Reach

Temple of JAWALA JI devi is situated in district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh in India. Jawala Ji is easily accessible being located on a national Highway and is also accessible throughout the year as weather is pleasant. Hence, the Shrine is accessible to the people of all ages throughout the year.

By Air- 

  • The nearest airport at Gaggal(dharmshala) in HP is 50 km from Jwalaji.
  • Chandigarh Airport is about 200 Kms
  • Airport at Shimla is about 160 Kms.
  • The distance from Kullu airport in HP is about 250 Kms.
  • National & International Airport is at the national capital Delhi is about 480 Kms.

By Train-

  • The nearest narrowgauge railhead is Jawalaji road Ranital at a distance of 20 km from the shrine. 
  • The nearest broadgauge railhead  is Pathankot at a distance of 120kms.
  • Chandigarh Rly Station is at a Distance of 200 Kms.
By Road

Motorable roads connect this Shrine from Delhi, Chandigarh & Dharamshala. Taxis can be hired from these places.This all is hilly area with a beautiful scenic view all along the valley. Frequent state transport bus service is available from all important cities of Punjab, Haryana, New Delhi and J & K. The shrine is well connected by road. Frequent bus and taxi services are available. Deluxe coaches are also available at various places. The distances from the main stations are as following :-
  1. Delhi                              475 Km. 
2. Chandigarh                    200 Km. 
3. Manali                           200 Km. 
4. Pathankot                       120 Km. 
5. Shimla                           205 Km.
6. Dharamshala                    60 Km. 
7. Hoshiarpur                      85 Km. 
8. Gaggal airport                 50 Km. 
9. Jammu                           300 Km. 
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